What does it mean to fully trust? To trust yourself, to trust in the Universe/God/Source/Divine Feminine?
This is one of the areas of exploration for me. I know it is a foundational piece to helping me create what I want in my life and what I want to help others create… Tranquility; a body in balance, a mind at ease and an awakened soul.
I can see how living my life in fear, in those moments I would not have labeled it as fear, has created tension in my body, decreased the spaciousness of my cells, kept me from having a curious, adventurous outlook on my life, and has kept me from experiencing JOY.
I have been striving for clarity and certainty that I was on the right path. That I was making the right choices and putting my energy into the right thing. I have been immobilized so many times with too many choices and not knowing how to decide which path is the ‘right’ path to take.
During a meditation I saw that any path I took led me to something beautiful; new people to meet, new experiences, amazing views and that there really wasn’t a ‘right’ path, a ‘right’ choice. On many levels I get this. I feel this in my body – how freeing it is, and how it brings spaciousness back into my being. After many years of living a certain way there is still a part of me that wants to get it ‘right’, wants to know the destination I am headed to, wants to know the ‘right’ next step, and still wants clarity and certainty.
I am learning to be comfortable with uncertainty and the unknown. I’ve learned that if I keep doing and trying to figure out my next step that I will miss what that next step is. It’s in the waiting, imagining and allowing that it is revealed. It is in the letting go of the belief that there is a ‘right’ next step that I feel the opening to more possibilities that I could ever imagine, open to more abundance, a more expansive way of being, and more joy.
I like to picture myself floating on a river ( being in the flow), enjoying the ride, a smile on my face, contentment in my soul and a feeling of joy and awe in my heart. Trusting that I will arrive at the next path on my journey with effortless ease. I can imagine this and now to truly live it.
Trusting and allowing are new concepts for me and it is what we are all being asked to do. What does it feel like in your body to fully trust? Trust that you will be supported, trust that everything is and will be OK? What does it feel like in your body to let go of needing to know, of making the ‘right’ choice? What does it feel like to allow? Can you feel the release of pressure? Can you feel your energetic body grow and become more spacious?
Life is not about Doing, Life is about being. Who are you here to be? Are you allowing yourself to become that person? Are you feeling the discomfort right now as we are all being asked to step into a new way? So many things are happening energetically right now. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.
If this speaks to you and you’d like some guidance on your journey I am here to help.