Helping you create Tranquility:

… a body in balance, a mind at ease and an awakened soul!

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Products for a healthier self:
Eye Pillows, moisturizers,
facials, immune support

Meet Jaime Brennan

Jaime has a passion.  She wants to help you enhance your personal wellness through education, products, and services that support, celebrate, and nurture mind, body and soul helping, you come back to your center.

She believes that education increases one’s confidence by supplying information and tools for simple, effective change into a healthy, vibrant life.

Jaime empowers you to live your life centered around holistic health. This will help you create and maintain Tranquility: body in balance, a mind at ease, and an awakened soul.

Jaime is located in beautiful Ely, Minnesota.

Beautiful Ely photo by Ken Hupila, Snotty Moose

Beautiful Ely, Minnesota.
Photo by Ken Hupila

Tension Tamer


Created with your health in mind:  Eye Pillows, Facial Products, Immune Support, Kits (Facial and Foot Soak)



Quantum Human Design, Herbal Education, Plant Walks, Plant Spirit Medicine, Deepening Your Connection to your Land


Gather your friends and enjoy an Herbal Facial Awakening or a Tranquility Mini Retreat for your next gathering.