Quantum Human Design

True tranquility springs out of being your beautiful, courageously authentic self, allowing and trusting that something greater is guiding you, shining the light before you and lighting up each and every move to living and expressing your fullest potential.

Understanding your Quantum Human Design and experimenting with the information in your chart can help you create more tranquility in your life. Are you looking for more joy, ease, peace, acceptance, passion, enthusiasm, creativity and so much more?

At its core, Human Design is a unique system that offers profound insights into your inner self and how you interact with the world around you. It is a valuable tool that can help you understand your true nature, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and unlock your full potential.

This system uses your birth information; date, time and place of birth to generate a chart that contains layers of information. It helps you embark on a journey of self-discovery that will empower you to make conscious choices in all aspects of your life. Your chart is an Energy Blueprint of your unique energy configuration and contains valuable information about your personality traits, your natural talents, and your life purpose. With this knowledge, you’ll navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and clarity.

Human Design is a deeply empowering system that encourages you to embrace your true self, rewrite your personal narrative, and live in alignment with your inner wisdom. When aligned with your authentic nature, you can tap into a wellspring of creativity, joy, and fulfillment that flows effortlessly through you.

It is a self empowerment tool that combines Eastern and Western Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah, Chinese I Ching and Quantum Physics.

I am here to love you into the fulfillment of your potential..

I will inspire you to translate your past experiences of challenge and struggle into a new understanding that will help you regain control and sovereignty over your life.

Through the power of storytelling I help you craft an empowered personal narrative that helps you reimagine and reinterpret your life.

It's time to remember who you are and what role you play in the evolution of humanity

Discover Your Quantum Human Potential!

If you’re interested in learning more, follow these steps  and choose a place you’d like to start.

Step 1: Fill in the form to create your personalized chart.

Simply provide your name, birth date, time, and location, email address and you will receive a FREE generated chart detailing type, authority, profile, and more. Your birth time is KEY to generate the most accurate chart. 

Watch this video if you do not know your time of birth. (The link will open up a new window or tab.)

Your bodygraph chart will look something like this but what is colored in will vary according to your specific birth information.

body graph

Interpretation Help

Step 2: I’m here to help offer guidance on how to interpret your chart and what it means. Check out the different sessions I am offering below. Where would you like to begin?

Intro to QHD chart

We will go over an overview of your chart highlighting anything that will be helpful for you to know so you can get started living more authentically.

60 minutes $80

Foundational QHD

Foundational QHD

We will discuss your Type and Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers. You will also be provided a workbook for your reference. 60 minutes of prep, 60 minutes conversation.

60 minutes $80

Quantum Human Design Bundle Reading

QHD Bundle

Includes all six sessions: Introduction, Foundational QHD,  and all four Deep Dives (see below), scheduled at least a week apart so that you can integrate the information and bring questions to the following session. This helps you experiment and practice working with your energy in a new way.

6 sessions $325

Deep Dive: Type and Strategy

Deep Dive: Type & Strategy

You’ll receive a detailed description of how the energy of your Type works, the role you are here to play, how you relate to others, your challenges, spiritual role, quantum role, parenting challenges, needs in relationships, strategies for working and money, and health.

60 minutes $80

Deep Dive into Quantum Human Design Profile

Deep Dive: Profile

Your profile tells you about your learning style, life cycles, relationship style, what you need to feel grounded and stable to be able to express all of who you are. These are so insightful, enlightening, validating and pressure relieving to understand.

60 minutes $80

Deep Dive: Centers

Deep Dive: Centers

The nine centers in the Human Design Chart contain an enormous amount of information that can help you get realigned with a path that creates greater ease, greater alignment, deeper connection to your potential for wisdom and deeper connection to your authentic self.

60 minutes $80

Deep Dive: Authority

Deep Dive: Authority

Authority influences what you need and, in some cases, the timing to use your strategy effectively to help you make decisions. We’ve all been taught to respond and make decisions the same way. Learning your unique way will help you fine tune your process of making decisions, especially bigger decisions; job, relationships, moving, etc.

60 minutes $80

Sacral Session

Sacral Session

30 minute session for sacral beings (Alchemists and Time Benders) to help you gain clarity when you’re feeling stuck.

30 minutes $45

More About Sacral Sessions:

These sessions offer a safe space to gain clarity when you feel stuck. Sacral beings have the answers within and only need to be asked Yes or No questions to find what is true and right for them.

We will spend the beginning portion reviewing what is going on in your life and what you are seeking clarity on. I will use that information to ask you a series of closed-ended questions to help you feel the truth and find your clarity.

Sacral Sessions wake up your energy for doing and help you learn to tune in and trust that inner knowing. This is valuable information and with this knowledge you can align with your true nature and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.