Located in beautiful Ely, Minnesota, Tranquility Wellness Center LLC is a sanctuary where personal wellness is enhanced through education and services that support, celebrate, and nurture mind, body and soul. We achieve this by empowering our community through education, giving them the confidence and tools necessary to continue making simple, effective changes to live a healthy, vibrant life.

Hands-On Education

We educate through hands-on learning, engaging patrons/community members in the process and tailoring the program to their current needs. We provide a welcoming atmosphere where peace and tranquility is felt as soon as one steps onto the property. Everything is tranquil from the music, to the interactions, to the gardens. Our aim is to create a very welcoming, safe and supportive center that offers classes, retreats and therapies that compliments what is already offered in town.

We will be offering a variety of avenues for learning about creating and maintaining Tranquility (a body in balance, a mind at ease, and a satisfied soul).


The dream of a beautiful peaceful place for bringing people together began in Jaime’s senior year in high school when her assignment in economics class was to design a business. She imagined a place called Green Acres where families could come spend time in nature reconnecting with one another. Her own health journey and everything she has learned along the way has expanded this original vision to what someday may be called Tranquility Gardens.

Right now it has found a starting place in Ely, MN, in a little yellow house that many used to frequent browsing the racks of clothes when it was known as Secret Sisters. After 13 years of business it has transitioned into a place for community, learning and wellness.

The transition began with priming and painting the first floor with the help of from some dear people. This big project got done so much faster because it was done with friends and family!

To learn more about everyone involved, visit our Practitioners page!

Helpful Resources

The center has a Library that students can do research in that includes books, audio cd’s and computer programs, a Kitchen where members of Herb of the Month Club can utilize to practice and make products. We will also store items in labeled totes on shelves in the basement for easy access the next time they come.

Herbs and Supplies

Currently residents of Ely and surrounding areas have to drive to Virginia (an hour from Ely) to purchase herbs or other items to make their own remedies. Even then you can not find all the supplies that are needed, such as tubes for your own lip ‘balm’. Along with classes, we will have all the ingredients and supplies that are useful in making your own herbal remedies, including lip “balm” tubes.

Herb of the Month Club, Retreats, Classes, Coaching. Provide a library for research, and a kitchen for learning and practicing skills, and all materials needed to make herbal products. A self service tea station is available to clients complementary with their service and to patrons to purchase.

Tranquil Space

Space, two rooms on the upper level and a detached garage is available to rent for holistic practitioners – massage therapists, spiritual counselors, energy workers, meditation facilitators, and other herbalists. A benefit to clients as well as practitioners looking for a space to practice creating a central location to use and a place for the community to rely on.

We are in the process of creating a tranquil outdoor space for gardening and a walking a labyrinth.

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

Families that are interested in taking their health back into their own hands, learning how to prevent illness with knowledge of understanding their individual body, and tools to make the necessary changes to maintain a healthy balance.

We don’t prescribe supplements, but educate on a group and individual basis, focusing on bio-­individuality, what is available in the area to use, and how to use it to get healthy and stay healthy. We also offer the support and accountability most of us need to start making changes and tools to maintain those changes.