Read some of the love letters from Jaime’s clients.

Knowledgeable in her field

Jaime did a Quantum Human Design reading for me and I found it to be very useful and life-changing!

Irene Hartfield

Very safe, inviting and informative.

It helped to have the validation that I needed to just accept more of who I am, and to be more accepting of what’s to come. I do plan to be more mindful of self care and looking within to find ways to heal and not to look to others for validation.


What a Gift!

I am so grateful for knowing how I’m wired. This has brought me a new level of understanding, acceptance and kindness toward myself that enhances what I am able to bring to the people around me. 

Holly Dudley, NY

Keeps getting better!

Jaime is knowledgable, professional and a kind soul. This is my 4th time attending the Herbal Facial at Camp du Nord and it just keeps getting better. Her products are exceptional.

Leah Dussault

Favorite Moments

The steam and learning about the power of plants. Visualizing the different plants of the steam going into the body to break-up, wash away, heal and soothe was beautiful. I enjoyed the meditation while using the honey mask, it was nice to tie in the mind/soul with the healing of our skin.

Jane Becker

Unique Experience

Jaime has provided a unique experience. It was grounding and beautiful. Fun to do with girlfriends! I especially like the glorious smells of the flowers and herbs and her soothing and welcoming personality.