There is no wrong way to do anything. Every step you take brings you closer to wherever you are going. There is no right place to go. Free yourself from having to make the right choices. Taking the right step. For there is nothing to fear. There are no mistakes, there is only learning. Everything you learn is valuable. Everything you choose and do has value to you becoming fully you. Let go of the need to control, let go of the pressure. Allow yourself to breathe. Allow yourself to imagine the possibilities. Allow yourself to feel excited for the joy in discovering what lay ahead. Joy in discovering, Joy in the process, Joy in not knowing.

You are not going to fall and not be able to put yourself back together. That is part of the process. Falling to pieces is ok. It’s then you can see and find the pieces that are truly you. You put them back together and see if the new combination works. Some have more interchangeable pieces than others. The stress in the process of having to get it right is what makes it harder to find how they fit together and to find the pieces that belong to you and only you. Fear of getting it wrong, fear of breaking one and it not being replaceable. Your pieces are yours and no one else’s. They fit only you in a certain way. The only way to figure out how they fit best is to try, remember what has worked and what hasn’t.

Be kind to yourself and others as everyone is trying to figure out how their pieces fit. Everyone is learning. Everyone is learning what to let go of, what is not theirs, what is and how it all works together. Once we can see this in ourselves and then in others it will shift the tension, disharmony, conflict, anger, disrespect and create a lot more love, acceptance, empathy, compassion and support for one another on our own very individualized journeys. Fall apart, allow each other to fall apart and support one another in finding the curiosity and joy in putting the pieces back together. Let go of needing to get it right. Embrace this exciting adventure of discovery and creating YOU!

You are loved, so loved beyond your knowing!