Flower Essence Therapy

$30 for short discussion and dosage bottle

Flower Essences work on the emotional level of the body helping to release stuck negative emotional patterns and replace them with positive ones.

Your session will include an opportunity to discuss what is going on in your life and the creation of a personalized blend in a dosage bottle or room spray. Each blend will last for one month if used each day.

At the end of the month a new blend may be needed. Your bottle can be dropped off for reformulation and refill for $20.


$45 includes a cup of tea and an hour of bliss!

Learn how to use TWC hand-made herbal products to care for the delicate skin on your face.

Help combat the effects of weather and our environment with this nourishing treatment for the skin on your face! Your facial will begin with a handmade scrub, so natural you could eat it, followed by an herbal steam that will nourish your lungs as well as cleanse your pores. Then you’ll experience a relaxing honey mask with chamomile tea bags for your eyes, we’ll close those pores with a refreshing toner and finish with the best facial cream. You’ll leave feeling like a new person and you will know how to give yourself this treat anytime you want.

Foot Soaks

$30 includes a cup of tea and a 30 min relaxing foot soak.

Enjoy an experience of soaking your feet in steeped herbs and receive a wide variety of health benefits.

Footbaths are naturally soothing, and have the power to calm the mind and the body into a state of tranquility. Some of the many benefits include improved cognitive function, boost in creativity and work habits, leading to better sleep and improvement in your overall mood. With the addition of blended herbs and aromatherapy your body will experience an increase in health benefits and is a satisfying way to unwind after a stressful day.