How has this week been for you? It’s been a pretty challenging one for me. I didn’t have a lot of energy to do anything and I also felt pretty empty and cut off from inspiration. Watched a lot of TV which never makes me feel better.

So grateful it all shifted yesterday. I decided to go for a walk instead of meditating in my chair and was led to take off my shoes and walk barefoot. I took a moment, stood still and connected energetically with everything around me, my feet on the earth the tall white pine and all the other plants and I simply asked that this heaviness go. Asked the earth to take it, and she did. I instantly felt lighter, freer and happier and I’m still feeling it today and connected to inspiration again 🤩

If you’re feeling heavy I hope you give it a try. Put your bare feet on the earth. Close your eyes. Notice what you feel around you, the breeze, the expansiveness, listen to the sounds, feel your feet on the earth and ask her to help. Ask her to take away the negative energies, the heaviness, the sadness, disappointments, concerns, worries. Thank her as you feel your energy go down through your feet. Feel all of that heaviness leave your body. Embrace the joy that replaces it. Feel your heart expand. Notice that smile on your face.

Our Mother Earth supports us in so many ways. She is here to help transform the heavy negative energies we carry. Give her gratitude in return.