Here is your unique chart:

Now that you have your chart are you wondering what it all means? There are layers and layers of information held within this image, created from the time and place you were born. If you’d like help understanding your authentic energy expression and the information about you I’d love to help!

Where would you like to begin?

Deep Dive: Type and Strategy

Connection Call

Are you curious if Quantum Human Design is for you? This is the perfect opportunity to check it out before investing in a full session. You’ll be able to experience my energy and how I work to see if we are a good fit, plus receive valuable information that you can get started applying immediately to your life. I look forward to connecting with you!

30 minutes $20

Foundational QHD

Introduction to Your Chart

This is a great place to start if you are new to Quantum Human Design. Understanding and learning your Type, Strategy and Authority is so helpful to living in alignment with your authentic expression.  We’ll also go over your profile, centers and other important pieces to help you create a deeper connection to you. Let’s get started! 

60 minutes + $150

Quantum Human Design Bundle Reading

QHD Bundle

Includes six one hour sessions: Introduction to your Chart, and five sessions with a focus on Type, Strategy and Authority, Profile and Centers scheduled at least a week apart so that you can integrate the information and bring questions to the following session. This helps you experiment and practice working with your energy in a new way.

6 sessions $445