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Happiness Now

This is an eight week course to help you become more joyful on a daily basis. Attend one or all sessions as they each have different topics such as gratitude, self love, forgiveness and spiritual connections. Joy abounds!

Instructor: Autumn Cole

Connect to your Angels and Spiritual Guides

In an overview class or through a number of sessions, you will learn more about the angels, Archangels and spiritual helpers. By simply asking for their guidance, you can experience more love, peace, and comfort. Angels abound!

Instructor: Autumn Cole

The Positivity Of Words

In this class, we will examine our word choices to ourselves and others and discover what a huge impact they can have on our life and how we view the world. Learning which words can boost us up or drag us down is powerful. Positivity abounds!

Instructor: Autumn Cole

Intuition Playshop

A gut feeling, a hunch, a sixth sense. No matter what we call it, our intuition plays a part in the decisions we make every day. In this fun and experiential class, we’ll practice paying attention to our inner guidance and gain insight. Intuition abounds!

Instructor: Autumn Cole

Raise Your Vibe Book Club

This book club will meet once or twice a month to discuss books that are positive, uplifting, and enlightening. Books considered include the Four Agreements, The Book of Joy, Practical Intuition, and The Love Never Ends. Good Vibes abound!

Instructor: Autumn Cole

Regression Journeying/Possible Past Life Discovery

Have ever wondered who you may have been in a past life or whether some of the people you know were with you in a previous lifetime? Do you have a phobia or physical condition you would like to release? Would you like guidance regarding your life purpose? This journeying workshop series will provide you experiences to assist you with these issues. The journeying process involves a guided meditation to help your subconscious mind to select what is best for you to experience to assist you in your current life situation. Journey to the past to help ​you ​with the present.

Dates: July 5, Aug. 2, Aug. 30

Instructor: Mica Cascarano-Berg

Shamanic Journeying​/Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Discovery​

Are you seeking answers and guidance for your personal journey? This journeying workshop series will provide you with experiences to assist you to find the answers. The process uses a guided meditation assisted by drumming to help your subconscious mind to select what is best for you to experience to assist you with your life situation. Journey to the lower world to connect with your animal guides or the upper world to meet your spirit guides or angels. Take this path to ​enable your guides​ to​ assist you.​

Dates: July 19, Aug. 16, Sept. 13

Instructor: Mica Cascarano-Berg

Reflect and Project Life Coaching

The end of the month is an ideal time to reflect on the past, to acknowledge the accomplishments as well as the roadblocks as you move forward with manifesting your goals. This monthly workshop series will provide you an opportunity to evaluate and discuss what aspects of your life you care to carry forward, those that may need to be released and discover possibilities of what to add for the future. Take this monthly path to assist you toward your chosen destination. *Bring a Notebook/Journal.

Dates: July 31, Aug. 31, Sept. 27

Instructor: Mica Cascarano-Berg