Sarah BB’s Winter Reset Yoga Retreat at Camp du Nord – Herbal Facials


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Friday, January 27th, 2022

2:00pm to 4:00pm in Morning Glory

While at Camp du Nord, getting away from it all and connecting to yourself, you can really dip into relaxation with this experience. This hour and a half Herbal Facial awakens all your senses, relaxes and replenishes you on a deep level and leaves you feeling serene.

Take time for you and enjoy:

   – a luxurious herbal facial

   – time to de-stress and unwind

You’ll be glowing from the inside out!

Creating time for self care is so important as it replenishes our being on every level. As you are replenishing yourself you’ll also be helping to combat the effects of our cold and drying weather with this nourishing treatment for the skin on your face! Your facial will begin with a handmade scrub, so natural you could eat it, followed by cleansing and opening your pores with a hot herbal steam. While relaxing to a beautifully crafted meditation by AprilAnnRoy your face will soak in the benefits of honey with cucumber slices on your eyes. We’ll close those pores with a refreshing toner and finish with the best facial cream. You’ll leave feeling like a new person and you will know how to give yourself this treat anytime you want. 

There is room for 15 lucky individuals to enjoy this needed blissful time!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!