Facial Kit – Large


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This Larger Facial Kit accommodates 12 Full Facials

Experience a Luxurious Herbal Facial at Home

I have spent the last couple years bringing this experience to groups of woman, and now I’d love to share it with you at home! Everyone could use a pick-me up, time to decompress and nourish yourself on every level. This is for women, men, girls and boys. Learning how to take care of your skin on your face with natural products is for any age and gender.

Creating time for self care is so important as it replenishes your being on every level. During this time you’ll be helping to combat the effects that exposure, weather, and so many other factors have on your skin with this relaxing and nourishing treatment. Your facial will begin with a handmade scrub, so natural you could eat it, followed by cleansing and opening your pores with an herbal steam, then a relaxing honey mask with chamomile tea bags or cucumbers for your eyes. A refreshing Rose Water toner will close your pores and you’ll end with a hand-made refreshing and soothing facial cream. When you’re finished you’ll feel like a new person.

Facial Kit Includes:

  • Miracle Grains – 2 oz
  • Facial Steam  – 3 oz
  • Rose Water – 1 oz
  • Facial Cream – 2 oz
  • Directions
  • Hand folded box

Enjoy the gift of taking the time to treat yourself, or with friends, to an herbal facial. Once you experience this you’ll be carving out time to replenish yourself and nourish your face at least once a month.


What you’ll need:
+ Honey or other ingredients for facial (you can use the Miracle Grains – these are drying)
+ Cucumber or Chamomile Tea Bags
+ Boiling water (Tea Kettle works really well)
+ Bowl or pot for steaming (stainless steel bowl, glass, casserole dish all work well)
+ Bowl for ice water
+ Wash cloth
+ Bath towel