Kim Gross

Kim has worked in many fields throughout her career- education, human services and medical. In 2010, she enrolled in a yoga instructor training program that literally changed her life. That year was spent in intense study and self-discovery. In 2011, Kim resigned from her position in clinical research, in order to pursue her passion of working in clay. She considers this to be one of the best decisions she has made, and has never looked back. It has taught her to take risks and to trust her intuition.

Kim is an empath and healer. As a spiritual person, she honors each person’s journey and

focuses on those things that connect us to one another and creates community. Although she has always had a desire to be helpful and to serve others, she now consciously makes life choices that compliment and support her as a healer. It has brought a richness to her life that is difficult to explain in words. Kim is Owner/Artist of her business, Spirit Pottery and Sculpture. She is also a yoga instructor, tai chi instructor, attuned to Reiki I, and intuitive Angel Card Reader. She enjoys gardening, being in nature, all forms of art, learning new things, reading, writing, and sharing ideas.

Kim is excited to offer Angel Card Readings at Tranquility Wellness Center, in beautiful Ely, Mn!