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We have lots of fun here at Tranquility Wellness Center learning and connecting and moving toward creating more Tranquility in our lives. Here are some of our past classes, events and gatherings. Check out our future events and join us!

Homemade Bitters 101 offered September 2017

This class covered a brief history of bitters, followed by an overview of the tools and processes needed to make bitters. Aromatic ingredients were used consisting of herbs, bark, roots and fruit, while using alcohol to extract the flavors and restorative properties of each botanical. This was a fun class enjoyed by all.

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Ely Winter Festival 2019 Tranquility Labyrinth

Labyrinths are amazing creations. I have enjoyed searching for them on my travels and seeing the many variations. After seeing an image of a snow maze I was inspired to bring a snow labyrinth to the popular Ely Winter Festival, held every year for two weeks in February. We all could use a little more Tranquility in our lives and what a great way to share that with others.  Follow the link to learn more about how we did and have fun creating your own!

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